Online coaching service is intended for?

It is primarily intended for amateurs (all age groups), regardless of sports history and current level of fitness, especially for those who have a demanding and dynamic family and business life and try to balance sports activities with other priorities such as family, work, travel ... Of course, cooperation can also be achieved with professional athletes with a standard or some other level of service by arrangement.

How does it work?

There is unique training plan and coaching process is carried out through TrainingPeaks (TP) online app. You will receive training plan and write your workout diary there. Combination of parametres, objective (speed, time, heart rate, power, etc.) and subjective (how you feel before, during, after workout and similiar) that you input in TP app, will give me the proper feedback and will allow me to create the appropriate training plan for you.

You will receive training plans every 2 weeks. Plan is designed according to the time and other resources available. It will include planned workouts focused on achieving your goal, along with the periodical tests and training intensity zones set according to the test results. TP has an excellent app for IOS, Android ... Your Polar, Garmin, Suunto is compatible with TP.

Communication with the coach?

Primary communication - feedback of training through TrainingPeaks "Post-Activity Comments", where evaluations, suggestions, and comments of the session are given and e-mail on weekly basis.

There is unlimited e-mail correspondence, for all questions related to the training process (training clarification, training schedule changes in justified circumstances such as colds, injuries, family, work, etc., nutrition before, during and after training ...) with a maximum 24h reply delay (excluding the weekend). 

There is possibility of Skype/phone consultations (related to the training process) with mandatory scheduling.

Do I need to be well experienced in specific sports?

It is necessary to have experience that you can be able to train alone, and you know how to use the technology (GPS clock/HR monitor/power meter, etc., depending on the needs of the sport you are practising and the available technology.

What I need to have to start cooperation with the coach?

Online trainer is not physically, but virtually present and it is necessary to dispose of:

- GPS device with HR monitor for running and cycling;

- Powermeter is highly recommended for triathlon and cycling;

- It is necessary to have developed a satisfactory level of swimming skills for self-training. At least it is advisable to have additional supervision at the pool of another coach or clinic with whom you will perform a given training plan. In addition to this, it is recommended to have (along with standard swimming equipment) kick boards, pull buoy, paddles, band, snorkel and wetsuite for open water swimming.

Are there any restrictions?

You need to be of legal age if you want to collaborate in this way with the coach, as well as be able (mentally and physically) for sports activities.

Before we start, it is desirable that you are capable to run 5km and swim 1500m without any problems and without any interruption.

Is there any minimum period of cooperation?

I would say that minimum period of cooperation is 16 weeks (~4 months). Why 16 weeks?  I believe it takes at least this time to mould you into a racing machine to see all the great work you have been put through. My aim is to help the athlete long term and NK3 is all about loyalty and developing the athlete from year to year. You will see some change after a month or two but the real changes are the months and years following.

Okay, I have everything you need to start cooperation. What is the procedure?

If you have decided to start cooperation, we will make a short conversation via Skype/phone for the purpose of getting know you better, and you will be sent a questionnaire containing a set of questions for a better insight into your sports history, habits, desires, After responding the questionnaire, we continue to realize process - it depends on the sports experience and current skills, specific testing and on the basis of individual test results I get an insight into your condition, as well as define the training intensity zones.

What if I get sick, injury or want to take off period at the end of the season?

In case of injury, sickness (more than 2 weeks) and end of season the cooperation will stop and start again when you begin to train. You only pay when your coach is needed.