Personalized coaching services created for age group and profiessional triathletes, distance runners and road cyclists, helping them to achieve their sports goals. No matter where you are in the world this service is available to you - efficient and reliable control and training analysis.

Service is adapted to the individual needs and designed for all levels of athletes. Through cooperation with your coach, you will receive a training program that is based on your needs, free time for sports activity, sports history and main goal, so you will be able to keep the balance between your personal, social and professional duties with your sports and lifestyle ambitions. Each week is based on your periodization, your feedback from previous workouts and tests, and my overall estimate of your performance and your plan can be flexible to meet all your individual needs, resources and abilities like work and travel schedule.

One of the goals of the training service is the consistency in the work. Properly dosed training, realistic expectations and opportunities to contribute that athlete can be in a constant training process and thus increases the chances for progress, avoid injury and overtraining.

The structured plans that are based on increasing the efficiency of training - the concept of smart training reduces the number of hours and the number of unnecessary kilometers, saves time, increase recovery after training, reducing the risk of injury and overtraining. Minimum hours - the maximum result.

As the final goal of proper work is progress made by long-term planning, realistic expectations, persistence, consistency and positive attitudes related to training.